Empowering women to fight the battle against suicide

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Are you an adult who wants to learn how to help a child, family member, friend, or complete stranger who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem?
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Fund Vital Research

Join Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide in raising awareness and funds that will save lives. Together, let’s invest in suicide prevention research programs.

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Shape Laws & Policies

Join Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide in urging Congress to take action on mental health legislation. Together, let’s promote mental healthcare policy and reform.

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Get Sisterly Support

Are you a woman supporting a friend and/or loved one who is living with a mental illness? You might think your problems are small in comparison – they are not. You deserve help too.

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We’re ready to take a stand to help our community. With your generous donations, we’re that much closer to making a difference.


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