Empowering Women

to Fight the Battle Against Suicide

Empowering Women

to Fight the Battle Against Suicide

We Inspire and Give Hope Through education, funding, Advocacy, and Support.

Take a Training Course

Are you an adult who wants to learn how to help a child, family member, friend, or complete stranger who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem?

Fund Vital Research

Join Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide in raising awareness and funds that will save lives. Together, let’s invest in suicide prevention research programs.

Shape Laws & Policies

Join Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide in urging Congress to take action on mental health legislation. Together, let’s promote mental healthcare policy and reform.

Get Sisterly Support

Are you a woman supporting a friend and/or loved one who is living with a mental illness? You might think your problems are small in comparison – they are not. You deserve help too.


CONNECTED SISTERS Raising Awareness About Mental Health

Since 2015 Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide (STOPS), has offered sisterly support, skills based training, and mental health awareness programs for women who have friends and/or loved ones living with mental illness.

Our vision is a world where all women are Mental Health Champions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

A Single Flame Can Light One Thousand Candles

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Success Stories

A woman with long hair wearing a blue shirt.

Ergieleena Teasley

STOPS Executive Board Treasurer

My very close relative, that I love so dearly, is living today because of Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide.

A woman with dreads in red jacket smiling.


A mother who has adult children living with mental illness.

For me and my family STOPS has been the Hands and Feet of JESUS! Stops has educated me on mental illness. STOPS has prayed for me, held my hand and supported me in some of the darkest days of dealing with my daughters’ mental illness and my uncertainty of will we get through this. STOPS always helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A woman with long black hair wearing pink shirt.


A Certified Mental Health First Aider.

The course has provided me with useful resources and made me feel more confident on how to assist in a crisis while professional help arrives.

A woman with blonde hair sitting on top of a couch.


A woman living with mental illness.

Knowledge is my power. That’s the only way I can survive. That’s the only way I can help someone else. And being apart of STOPS…giving me that knowledge, lets me know that, for the next person, I can pass along that knowledge and to be able to even refer them to STOPS.

A woman in yellow jacket smiling for the camera.

Tonya Striplin

STOPS Executive Board Vice President, Secretary

Had no idea of appropriate language to use with someone contemplating suicide.


Your Contributions Matter

We’re ready to take a stand to help our community. With your generous donations, we’re that much closer to making a difference.