Our Story Is His Story Eric Dublon Wright


"I stand up for Eric Dublon Wright, my former husband, who lived with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and anxiety. The man who was my soul mate for 20 years died by suicide on December 2, 2013. The end of his life was NOT the end of his story.

Together we will put a STOP to suicide!"

Andrea Mustin, founder of Sisters Taking On the Prevention of Suicide (STOPS)

Imagine Eric Is Alive

Imagine a world where Eric is alive, thriving, and enjoying a life filled with happiness, good health, clarity, peace of mind, self-love, and spiritual fulfillment. He celebrates birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries with colleagues, close friends, and family members. Everyone he knows and meets is informed, compassionate, caring, and supportive of his mental health challenges and disorders:

  • They thoroughly understand his mental health illness and recognize when he is experiencing a problem or is in crisis and provide initial help.
  • They graciously contribute to research dedicated to understanding, treating, and eventually curing his mental illness.
  • They passionately fight for policy reform that will hold his health insurance company accountable for FAIRLY covering his mental health expenses.
  • They courageously build their own support systems and regain their emotional strength and energy so that they can effectively support him as he thrives and enjoys a life filled with happiness.

Imagine a world where Eric and others like him are living their lives to the fullest, and every person with whom they interact with is informed, compassionate, and supportive of their illness. Imagine a world where empowered communities advocate for Eric and other people's success through Education, Resources, Inspiration (Advocacy), and Connection - through E.R.I.C. The end of his life was NOT the end of his story.

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His Passion

Eric loved the earth and was deeply concerned about her well-being. He did everything in his power to ensure that “we did our part," even up to his final hour, so we encourage each of you to embrace Eric’s mission and commit to a green related activity at least once a month. Become an environmental change agent and make it a habit to care for Mother Earth. Please check out our Facebook Page:  Take Care of Mother Earth

Mother Earth is the one who brought us here
Mother Earth is the one who brought joy near
Mother Earth gave us everything we need
So can we do just one simple deed
Mother Earth Mother Earth
Do you know how much she is worth?
Think of all your relatives
Uncle Eric would be proud of us
He would if we take care of Mother Earth
Yes, if we take care of Mother Earth
If we take care of Mother Earth


His Music

Our online radio station showcases Eric's taste in various music genres. The music videos range from November 2, 2010 to November 18, 2013. Sit back and enjoy Eric's jams! Please check out our Facebook Page: Eazy-E 803.14 FM
In Loving Memory of Uncle Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder
In Loving Memory of Husband Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Diana Ross
Be Blessed: Yolanda Adams
In Loving Memory of Brother Earth Song: Michael Jackson

Let's Talk About His Illness