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National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

September 17

In the year and a half since COVID-19 upended daily life, mental health challenges among physicians have skyrocketed, accelerating an already dire health crisis that has been increasing for years. The ongoing stigma surrounding accessing mental health support and care services impacts physicians who fear being judged or believing they will lose their ability to practice medicine.

Now is the time to take steps to prevent physician suicide. On National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, we are committed to raising awareness of the physician suicide epidemic and galvanizing physicians, their colleagues, and their loved ones to create a culture of wellbeing that prioritizes reducing burnout, safeguarding job satisfaction, and viewing seeking mental health services as a sign of strength.

There are 6 ways physicians, their loved ones, their colleagues, health organizations and others can take action:
Learn the Vital Signs (HEART)
Share suicide prevention resources
Prepare before a moment of crisis
Check in with a physician
Understand structural barriers
Create a culture of wellbeing

Visit NPSADAy.org to learn more about how to take action and help prevent physician suicide.

If you are a physician that is experiencing a crisis, the Physician Support Line is available by calling 1 (888) 409-0141 if you need someone to talk to.


September 17